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SUMMER SEASON ~ MONDAY - SATURDAY July 1 thru Oct. 31 • 9 A.M. - 7 P.M. CLOSED JULY 4-5TH!

SHADE TREES AND BUSHES HUGE ASSORTMENT Dwarf Conifers • Maple • Siberian Larch Linden • Canada Red Cherry • Blue Spruce Black Hills Spruce • Aborvitae Globe Blue Spruce •  Showy Mountain Ash Junipers - Many Kinds Weeping Caragana - Standards Birch - Royal Frost and Paper • Spirea Oak • Elm • Hybrid Poplar • Potentilla Flowering Crabs • Willow • Hydrangea Lilacs - Several Kinds • And More!
BARE ROOT FRUIT TREES ~ Apples • Bali Cherry • Pear Plum • Grape • Raspberry and Strawberry and Selected Trees and Shrubs
Yes, we have Wave Petunias
Blooming Geraniums • African Daisies  • Clematis Beautiful Blue-Eyed Daisies Double Impatiens • Coleus • Lobelia Orn. Sweet Potato Vine • Water Garden Plants Lots of Blooming Planters • Fuchsia • Bacopa Hanging Baskets • Ivy Geraniums Scaevola • Fragrant Delight Heliotrope Million Bells • Hardy Perennials • Much More!
2 dozen or more varieties of Tomatoes Cherry to Beefy Boy • Northern Exposure Egg Plant  • Broccoli • Asparagus • Cucumbers Cabbage • Onion Plants Melons • Squash  • Pumpkins • Gourds Brussel Sprouts • Head Lettuce • Herbs • Celery Ground Cherries • Cauliflower  * Colored Bells Peppers (off-the-scale hot to mild green)
“He who plants a garden, walks hand in hand with God”
Annual Strawberry Weekend June 4 and 5 For This Occasion We Have FREE Strawberry Ice Cream Cones One FREE Strawberry Plant With Each $10 Purchase

Amur Maple

Autumn Spire Maple

First Editions™ Scarlet Jewell™

Fall Fiesta® Sugar Maple

Hot Wings® Tatarian Maple

Autumn Blaze® Maple

Sienna Glen® Maple


Autumn Blaze Ash

Mancana Ash

Fallgold Ash

Cardinal Royal® Mountain Ash


Anne E Crab - White weeping

Candymint Crab - pink/red

Cardinal Crab - red

Coralburst® Crab-ruby red

Dolgo Crab - white

Donald Wyman Crab - white

Hopa Crab - pink

Kelsey Crab - pink double

Louisa Crab - pink weeping

Morning Princess - pink weeping

Pink Spires Crab - pink

Prairfire Crab - red

Purple Prince Crab - red

Red Splendor Crab - pink

Royal Beauty - red weeping

Royalty Crab - red

Selkirk Crab - pink

Snowdrift Crab - white

Spring Bride - white double

Thunderchild Crab – pink

Weeping Cut Leaf Birch

Prairie Vision® A White Birch

Prairie Dream Paper Birch

Royal Frost® Birch purple leaf


Jersey Knight Asparagus

Hinnomaki Red Gooseberry

Edelweiss Grape

Valiant Grape

Boyne Raspberry - red

Bristol Black Raspberry

Kiwigold- Everbearing

Caroline Everbearing Red Raspberry

Strawberries June Bearing

Honeoye Kent Jewel

Day Neautral/Everbearing

Alboin • Tribute


Viburnum Redwing® Cranberry bush

Chipmans Canada Red Rhubarb

 Regent Juneberry

Chippewa Blueberry

Reliance Seedless Grape


Delphinium Summer Skies - light blue dwarf

Delphinium Summer Morning - light pink dwarf

Delphinium Summer Stars - white dwarf

Delpinium - Magic fountains -

 dark blue/dark bee, mid blue/white bee, pure white

Penstemon Husker Red - white

Iris - Assorted Colors & types

Lily - many varieties

Ajuga - Burgungy Glow

Artemesia - Silver Mound

Lamimum - Silver Beacon

Monarda - Jacob Cline - red

Hen & Chicks - Cob web

Holly Hock- Chaters - Double Red

Holly Hock Chaters - Double Yellow

Columbine - Winky blue & white

Campanula - pearl deep blue

Centaurea - macrocephala lemon fluff

Echinacea Magus

Echinops Globe Thistle

Euphorbia polychroma, cushion square

Gaillardia Burgundy

Day Lilies - Many Varieties

Liatris • Clematis

Wood’s Blue Aster

Wood’s Purple Aster

Astilbe August Light - red

Astilbe  Fanal - red

Astilbe Visions - raspberry

Astilbe Superba - purple

Hillside Black Beauty Cimicifuga

Baptisia - Purple Smoke

Dianthus Firewitch - raspberry red

Dianthus Confetti Deep red

Dianthus Zing Rose

Gaillardia Fanfare red/yellow

Geranium Brookside - blue

Happy Returns Daylily - yellow

Stella d’Oro Daylily - gold

Stella Supreme Daylily

Heuchera Cherries

Jubliee - red

Gypsophia, double snowflake

Lavandula Hidcote blue

Levcanthemum Alaska

Prairie Horizon® Machurian Alder

Prairie Dream Paper Birch

Prairie Vision® A White Birch

Copper Curls® Peking Lilac

Euonymus Prairie Radiance® - tree &shrub

Dakota Sunspot® - gold potentilla

Northern Acclaim® Honeylocust


Tower Poplar

American Plum

Double Flowering Plum Tree

White Oak

Northern Pin Oak

Pendula Weeping Pussy Willow

Prairie Cascade Weeping Willow

Willow Scarlet Curls

American Linden

Harvest Gold Linden


MN Strain Redbud

Snowbird Hawthorn


Japanese Tree Lilac

Golden Eclipse Tree Lilac

Prince Charming® Lilac tree or shrub

Sugar Plum Fairy® Rosy Lavender

Tinkerbelle® Lilac - pink

Albert F. Holden Lilac - violet

Arch Mckean Lilac - red purple

Yankee Doodle - violet

Common purple Lilac

Josee Lilac (#1 potted) repeat blooming

Beauty of Moscow Lilac - lt pink/white

Monge Lilac - red purple

Primrose Lilac - cream

Sensation Lilac - purple/white bicolor

Wedgewood Blue Lilac - blue

Wonderblue Lilac - blue

Palibin Dwf Korean Lilac

Miss Canada Lilac - pink

Miss Kim Lilac - Lilac

Dappled Dawn potted - lt. Magenta variegated


Adams Elder berry

York Elder berry

Connell Red Apple

Goodland Apple

Haralred® Apple

Haralson Apple

Hazen Apple

Honeycrisp Apple

Norland Apple

State Fair Apple

Sweet Sixteen Apple

Zestar!® Apple

Prairie Magic Apple®

Evans Bali Cherry

Centennial Crabapple

Chestnut Crabapple

Golden Pear

Ure Pear

Compass Cherry Plum

Red Diamond Cherry Plum

Sapalta Cherry Plum

Pembina Plum

Pipestone Plum

Superior Plum

Toka Plum • Waneta Plum

Moongold Apricot

Scout Apricot

Pioneer Chinese Apricot




Flame Amur Maple

Pagoda Dogwood - shrub

American Hazelnut

Cotoneaster Lucidus Hedge

Forsythia Meadowlark

Annabelle Hydrangea

Honey Honeysuckle

Buckley’s Quill Mockorange

Nanking Cherry

Double Flowering Plum - Shrub

Roseum Snowball

Onondaga Vibernum

Bailey Compact Cranberrybush

French Lace™ Weigela

Dropmore Scarlet Honeysuckel

Center Glow™ Ninebark

Diabolo® Ninebark

Summer Wine® Ninebark


Summer Rose Butterfly Bush annual

Black Knight Butterfly Bush annual

Globosa Globe Peashrub

First Editions™ Tiger Eyes Sumac

Red Feather® Vibernum

Red Wing® Cranberrybush

Autumn Magic Black Chokeberry

Golden Carousel® Barberry

Crimson Pygmy Barberry

Jade Carousel® Barberry

Rose Glow Barberry

Royal Burgundy® Barberry

Ruby Spice Summersweet

Ivory Halo® Dogwood

Alleman’s Compact Dogwood

Royal Purple Smokebush

Dwarf Bush Honeysuckle

Burning Bush - Shrub

Purpleleaf Sand Cherry - shrub

Center Glow™ Ninebark

Diabolo® Ninebark • Summer Wine® Ninebark


PJM - mauve

Lilac Lights™ Azalea - Lilac

Mandarin Lights Azalea - orange

Mollis Azalea - orange/yellow/salmon



Endless Summer®

Hydrangea pan Limelight

Hydrangea pan Little Lamb

Hydrangea pan Quick Fire®


Dark Horse

French Lace™

Java Red


Red Prince




American Bittersweet

Nugget Ornamental Hop

Aunt Dee-blue

Engelmann Ivy


Lupin Gallery - Blue, Pink, Red

Myosotis - Victory Blue

Phlox Creeping - Candy Stripes,

Emerald Blue, Scarlet Flame

Hosta fort hyacinthina - lavender

Hosta Gold Standard - lavender

Hosta Golden Tiara - lavender

Hosta Grand Master - lavender

Hosta Guacamole - lavender

Hosta Pauls Glory - lavendar

Hosta Patriot - lilac

Hosta Regal Splendor - lavender

Hosta Sagae - lavender

Hosta Stained Glass - lavender

Hosta August Moon - white

Lysimachia gold Alexander Sundrop

Monarda Grand Marshall™ - red/purple

Kit Cat Catmint - blue

Walker Low Catmint- blue

Oenothera Evening Primrose - yellow

Russian Sage - lavender blue

Physostegia Miss Manners - white

Polemonium Bressingham Purple

Polemonium Stairway to Heaven

Rudbeckia Goldstrum - yellow

Scabiosa Butterfly Blue - lt. Blue

Sedum Autumn Fire Stonecrop - pink

Sedum many varieties


Snowbird - white

Mango Tango™ - yellow/orange

Pink Beauty

Red Robin

Dakota Sunspot


Golden Princess™

Norman - pink

First Editions™ Sundrop

Little Princess - pink

Magic Carpet - pink

Fairy Queen - white

Anthony Waterer - pink

Crispa - pink

First Editions™ Firegold™

Renaissance - white

Tor-Birch Leaf – white


Easy Elegance® Super Hero

Easy Elegance® All the Rage

Easy Elegance® Little Mischief

Easy Elegance® My Hero

Easy Elegance® Paint the Town

Easy Elegance® Snowdrift

Easy Elegance® Sunrise Sunset

Easy Elegance® Yellow Submarine

First Editions™ Polar Joy® tree

Cuthbert Grant - dark red

Hope For Humanity - dark red

John Cabot - medium red climber

Morden Blush - light pink

Morden Ruby - pink blend

Morden Sunrise - yellow ble

Ramblin Red® -md red clir

Therese Bugnet - medium pink

William Baffin - deep pink climber

Winnipeg Parks - deep pink


Bowl of Cream - white

Charlie’s White-white

Do Tell - pink

Felix Supreme - red

Kansas - red

Sarah Burnhardt - pink

Scarlet O’hare - sgl red

Walter Faxon - Vivid Shell pink

Buttercup - white yellow center

Nippon Beauty Deep red cream

Hermoine Double dark Rose Pink

Long Fellow - Double Deep Crimson

Fern Leaf – peony


Juniper Sea Green - Spredder

Juniper Blue Prince - Spredder

Juniper Blue Star - Spredder

Juniper Blue Chip - Spreader

Juniper Old Gold - Spreader

Juniper Dwarf Jap Garden - spreader

Juniper Blue Forest - spreader

Juniper Blue Trails - upright

Juniper Moonglow - upright

Juniper Pathfinder - upright

Juniper Sky Rocket - upright

Russian Cypress

Pumila Dwf Norway Spruce

Black Hills Spruce

Taxus Taunton Spreading Yew

Hetz Midget Arborvitae

Nigra Arborvitae

Pygmy Globe Arborvitae

Sunkist Arborvitae

Techny Arborvitae

Canadien Hemlock

Fastigate - Norway Spruce Columnar

Little Gem Spruce Shrub

Little Gem Spruce on a standard

Fat Albert Blue Spruce

Globe Blue high graft 3-4 ft spruce

Globe Blue Lowgraft spruce

Bristle cone Pine

Swiss Stone Pine

Slow Mound Mugo Pine